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A tiring stage due to the number of kilometers traveled and the significant differences in altitude, although without major difficulties. After a long and slow initial climb to Passo Castrin follows an equally long and pleasant descent.

We enjoy some suggestive views of the bucolic Val di Non.

The highlights of the day are Sentiero del Mondino, equipped with some chains, that climbs the south face of the Rio Novella Canyon and the small, delightful church in the hamlet of Proves.

Special Notes

The stage is really long: to be tackled in its entirety only if you are well trained. Otherwise, it is possible to break it at Malga Castrin, not far from the homonymous pass.

The detour to Sentiero del Mondino has some exposed and equipped passages: if you are a beginner or with MTB, you can avoid it by taking path 522 in the other direction, towards the Castle of Castelfondo.

when to go
March - November
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how to get there
description of the route

We take the path that descends towards Rio Novella. Shortly after passing the old Centrale Alta Novella, we take Sentiero del Mondino, equipped with some chains (these are short and simple passages) and go up the south side of the Rio Novella Canyon, very popular among climbers.

Arriving at the town of Dovena, we continue on the road, surrounding northward the town of Castelfondo and, on a comfortable carriage road, we begin the long climb (approximately 800m height difference). It's rather tiring but on excellent ground and without sudden slopes. Finally, it opens up, among magnificent flowery meadows. We reach Passo Castrin ( 1,785 m) and we are rewarded by the beautiful view of Mount Cornicolo and Valle dell'Ultimo (those who are tired can break the stage at the nearby Malga Castrin).

From the pass, we continue for a while on the hillside, going up and down, then we begin the long descent (approximately 850 m drop). We pass several mountain huts (of Cloz, of Revò). From Malga Kessel we skirt the Malerbach stream until we reach the village of Proveis, with its delightful little church and wrought iron crosses in the cemetery opposite the church.

We continue on a gentle descent. From Passo Fresna, with a wide turn, we take the long path that runs from above the town of Rumo: the stretch is sweet and suitable for a chit-chat. Upon reaching the hamlet of Lanza, after a part on the road we arrive at Mocenigo, the end of the stage.

What to know

The entire Val di Non has been populated since prehistoric times. During the Roman domination, it represented an important way of communication, as evidenced by the many finds found and the "consideration" used by the Empire to treat the area.

It also appears that this region was known for the presence of several silver veins.

In Mocenigo, along the stream, an underground structure was found. Industrial archaeologists have hypothesized for it to be a foundry: if so, it would be the oldest in Europe.

What to see

In the municipality of Proves, you can admire the beautiful neo-Gothic church dedicated to S. Nicolò. Inside there are frescoes by the Nazarene painter Albrecht Steiner von Felsbur.

The Nazarenes were a group of romantic painters, active in the 19th century who, rejecting the academic classicism of those times, took up the style of 15th-century frescoes.

what to eat

Val di Non is famous for its delicious apples, including the famous Golden Delicious, known commercially as Melinda (the first fruit product to receive the Protected Designation of Origin).


All the dairies in the area dedicate a large part of their work to the production of trentingrana, a type of cheese cousin of the parmesan: it is no coincidence that the production of this cheese was born from the marriage between a man from Rumo and a woman from Modena.

where to sleep

Malga Castrin, at the Castrin Pass. Tel. +39 3888799397


B&B Larix, in Mocenigo di Rumo. Tel. +39 0463 531031 - +39 348 7635367

How to Reach

Starting point reachable by car.


Starting point reachable by bus from the city of Trento, with a change in Cles.

Here the LINK to check the timetables.


Departure point NOT reachable by train.

“We enter Mocenigo late in the evening, exhausted by too many detours: all fault of the landscape and too much chit-chat”

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