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 Quite a short stage, but with a good difference in height for the climb to Col Brison.

The view of the eastern wall of Mont Vélan (3,731 m) is striking, it looks like the back of a spinosaurus.

Special Notes

No water points up to Alpe della Beria.

when to go
May - October
Suitable for
how to get there
description of the route

We resume the Alta Via 1 and immediately start the long climb (approx. 1,100 m height difference), on a good path, which winds steeply in the woods to the hamlet of Sucheaz (1,993 m), without technical difficulties. From Sucheaz the slope slows down and you face a gradually rising long path along the hillside. Leaving the woods, from the center of the southern slope of Monte Berrio (3.077 m) we start the last ramp.

We arrive at Col Brison (2,520 m). In front of us stands out the impressive vertical wall of Mont Vélan (3,734 m).

In the first half, the descent is just as long (approximately 1,150 m drop ) and steep (even if on an excellent path). After a cross-section, we arrive at Alpe della Beria, where the forest road begins, easy and smooth, all in the woods. We easily reach Ollomont. Those who still have energy can continue to the beautiful Rifugio Champillon (4 km and approximately  1,000 m height difference above), along the next stage.

What to know

The rural chapels and small oratories scattered throughout the territory of the parish of San Pantaleone di Valpelline are an expression of the devotion of the local population.

Upstream of the administrative center, in Vignettes, stands the chapel of the Madonna delle Nevi.

According to tradition, it was built in 1665 by the maître Marechal Jacques Bondaz who, attacked in that place by a gang of thieves, vowed to have a chapel built if he had saved himself and recovered the money he was carrying with him.

What to see

The two copper mines of Mont Velan, probably already active before the 18th century, were closed in 1945 due to exhaustion of the material. In Ollomont, in the locality of Rey, there is one of the two entrances to the mines (of which a part, following the closure, is used as a room for the maturation of fontine, using the same tracks that in the past were used for the transport of mineral).

Today the two mines are part of the Italian-Swiss project "MiMonVe - The mines around Mont Vélan", which involves the Valle d'Aosta municipalities of Ollomont and Valpelline and Vollèges in the Canton of Valais, in order to network two cross-border mining itineraries and enhance the tourist heritage of the area.

what to eat

The Valpellinese soup is made with stale bread, broth, fontina cheese, and butter: a real injection of energy.

where to sleep

Dortoir de Ollomont. Tel. +39 339.1629133 - +39 0165.73220


Casa di ferie San Cristoforo, in Ollomont. Tel. +39 335 601 2847


Locanda delle Miniere, hamlet of Las Rey of Ollomont. Tel. +39 342.0986687


Rifugio Champillon, under the Col de Champillon, along the stage of the following day. Tel. +39  339 635 9679

How to Reach

Starting point reachable by car.


Starting point reachable by bus from the city of Aosta.

Here the LINK to check the timetables.


Starting point NOT reachable by train.

“At the Casa per Ferie San Cristoforo we enjoy a beautiful astronomical observation event”

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