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A medium-length stage with a not too demanding height difference, with good signage, smooth and free of technical difficulties.

The section records one of the highest passages of the entire Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, with the summit of Mount Aiona (1,701 m). The centuries-old beech woods offer magical passages.

Special Notes

The stage, although devoid of extremely long climbs, is studded with numerous ups and downs, some steep, which test the breath and legs of the less trained.

The only water point is at the Passo delle Lame, outside the Bivacco Monte degli Abeti.

when to go
May - October
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description of the route

We resume the path of the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, rapidly gaining altitude (approximately 100 m height difference). After a stretch of ups and downs, with a steep climb in the woods, we gain the top of Monte Pian del Croso (1,032 m). We then continue eastward along the ridge that separates the Val D'Aveto (in the north) from the Val Sturla (in the south).

Circumventing Monte Bozale from the north, we find the ridge and climb over some steep bumps to descend afterward to the Bozale Pass (965 m).

We continue along the watershed and, through a beech forest, we reach Passo Bisinella (or Passo delle Rocche), from which we recover altitude (about 200 m height difference). We arrive at the plateau of Passo delle Lame (1,303 m), embellished by the votive chapel of the same name, where the most tired ones can break the stage by taking advantage of the Bivacco Monte degli Abeti.

We take the dirt road on the left and reach, in level, the Passo della Gonella, then we follow the AVML path, which branches off to the right. We then start the climb (approximately 300 m height difference): the path goes into the beech forest with some hairpin bends, diagonally cutting the north side of Monte degli Abeti. We reach a small pass, from which, along the ridge, we overcome the wooded summit of Monte delle Lame (1,595 m) to progress, in ups and downs, towards Passo Pre de Lame. Thus we begin the last climb (approx. 200 m height difference): we cross a beech forest and come out in a large clearing, in Pian delle Pumme. We cross the beautiful plateau amidst woods and clearings, then we climb to the wide peak of Mount Aiona (1,701 m).

From the summit, we descend through the wide lawns up to the Passo della Spingarda, where a comfortable downhill road leads us quickly to the Rifugio Pratomollo.

What to know

It is said that in the Val d'Aveto (land of brigands), near the clearing of Cabruscià, there was an inn where the innkeeper poisoned the wealthiest customers to rob them. Discovered, he was burned alive in the same inn, hence the current name of the clearing (from the Genoese ca bruxià, “burned house”).


Ernest Hemingway found himself traveling the Val d'Aveto in 1945, as a correspondent following the partisan armies. He wrote in his diary: “Today I crossed the most beautiful valley in the world”.

He returned there in the 1950s, to fish.

What to see

The Path of the Resistance goes from Borzonasca to Rezzaglio and retraces the steps of the partisan resistance that could count on these roads and mule tracks from 1943 to 1945.

The Tigullio area was the fulcrum of all the initiatives of the Genoese resistance, thanks to the massive presence of woods and the consequent ease of hiding from the Nazi-fascists.

what to eat

The baciocca is one of the many gattafure, the stuffed savory pies of Ligurian cuisine: it is made of puff pastry stuffed with sliced potatoes, lard, oil, and onion.

The favorite potatoes are the excellent quarantine (a typical variety of the Genoese Apennines), not very floury and with a delicate taste.

In the past, the baciocca cake was baked in the bell oven (the text) on a bed of chestnut leaves, which contribute to the taste and aroma.

where to sleep

Bivacco Monte degli Abeti, at the Passo delle Lame; 9 beds, blankets, stove. It is necessary to ask for the keys to the CAI of Rapallo (tel. +39 0185 57862) or from the Lago delle Lame hotel (tel. +39 0185 870036)


Rifugio Pratomollo, just south of the Passo della Spingarda. Tel. +39 338 775 9510


Starting point reachable by car.


Starting point reachable by bus, starting from the town of Chiavari.

Here the LINK to check the timetables.


Starting point NOT reachable by train.

The nearest town reachable by train is Chiavari, starting from the city of Genoa.

Here the LINK to check the timetables.

“The first, gigantic porcini mushrooms begin to peep out, to the delight of our pantry keeper”

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