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Stage of medium length and with an important difference in height, however without technical difficulties.

In the Marinelli mountain lodge, we enjoy the excellent cuisine and an incredible view that embraces Monte Coglians and all the Julian Alps (Jof di Montasio, Creta di Aip, Canin...).

Special Notes

The stretch between Timau and Rifugio Marinelli represents a variation of the Sentiero Italia (that proceeds at high altitude from Casera Pramosio, crossing the Monte Croce Carnico Pass). The path was chosen to pass through the village of Timau.

The first kilometers are on an asphalted road, the Carnic state road (the path that runs along the southern side of the But stream is NOT accessible).

A stretch of path is affected by fallen trees after the Vaia hurricane. The route is accessible, but it is necessary to do some encirclements that are not always immediately visible. Better keep an eye on the GPS.

Water points absent up to the Marinelli mountain lodge.

when to go
June - September
Suitable for
how to get there
description of the route

We leave Timau on the state road that climbs towards Passo di Monte Croce Carnico. Once in Laghetti, we take the Roman road Iulia Augusta that cutting through the woods climbs up to a large rock bearing an ancient Roman inscription (approx. 200 m height difference). We arrive on the road, near a former roadman's house.

We take the downhill road to the left. Shortly after, on the right side, we find a well-kept forest road and we start the climb (about 1.000 m height difference) towards the Marinelli mountain lodge. After a few hundred meters, we take the uphill path that cuts through several hairpin bends. Despite the many fallen trees, the path is good but not always very clear.

We find the forest road, which flows easily and with a regular incline. Once we reach Lake Plotta (2,100 m), the road becomes an easy path and with a last (easy) climb we reach the Marinelli mountain lodge, just below the vertiginous walls of Monte Coglians (2,780 m), the highest peak in Friuli Venezia -Giulia.

From the square in front of us, we admire all the Julian Alps: from Canin to Jof di Montasio to the beautiful Creta di Aip. The view is remarkable also west of the Forcella Morareet,  on the Cimon group.

Anyone wishing to retrieve ground on the next long stage can reach Lake Volaia.

What to know

The round tiles covered roofs resemble the architecture of neighboring Austria.

Above all, the area of Timau is known for the quarries of gray marble, also called "marmo carnico" (carnic marble) or "grigio carnico" (carnic grey).

Since ancient times, the whole territory has developed thanks to the extraction of rocks and minerals.


The Rifugio Marinelli (not to be confused with the Marinelli-Bombardieri, in Lombardy, facing the Bernina) is dedicated to father and son Giovanni and Olinto Marinelli, two renowned geographers and passionate mountaineers, who explored Carnia for a long time. In particular, Giovanni Marinelli was an expert geologist while his son Olinto distinguished himself for his approach to geography, which was closer to direct experience than to a historical-literary vision.

What to see

Every year, in mid-August, the mountain race "Staffetta 3 Rifugi" takes place in this area. The race starts from Collina (a hamlet of Forni Avoltri) and the Marinelli mountain lodge is one of the passage points for the runners.


The Abisso Marinelli, a cave on Monte Coglians, discovered by Giovanni Marinelli in 1898 is 141 meters deep and consists of a single cavity interspersed with several levels. There are several caves that can be visited but it is necessary to rely on an expert speleological guide to explore the area.

what to eat

The kitchen of the Marinelli mountain lodge manages to combine traditional dishes with a modern taste. The asparagus, sausage, and gorgonzola lasagna is a real treat, as it is the soup of cereals, legumes, bacon, and salty cheese.


The cjarsons are a typical Carnic recipe, traditionally cooked on special occasions (such as weddings).

Similar to stuffed ravioli, they are characterized by the contrast of the sweet and savory flavor: the filling is in fact made with breadcrumbs, raisins, cocoa powder, and wild herbs. They are boiled and seasoned with butter, cinnamon, and smoked ricotta cheese.

The sweetness of the raisins mixed with the excellent mountain butter makes the dish special and a real delicacy.

where to sleep

Rifugio Marinelli, at the Forcella Morareet. Tel. +39 320 384 2728

How to Reach

Starting point reachable by car.


Starting point is reachable by bus, starting from the town of Gemona with change in Tolmezzo.

Here the LINK to check the timetables.


Departure point NOT reachable by train.

“After several hours of pouring rain, we arrive at Marinelli and the sky clears up: the sunset invades us with its colors”

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