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Carezza > Passo Pampeago

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Questa tappa è stata documentata grazie al contributo di Gabriele Lochis. 


Simple and medium-length stage, with only one real final climb: a beautiful walk in the woods (unfortunately partially devastated by Hurricane Vaia), at the foot of the Latemar.

The gem of this day is undoubtedly the suggestive walk in the Latemar Labyrinth.

Special Notes

In the stretch between Carezza and the Labyrinth, some parts of the path are not accessible because of the fallen trees: they can be circumvented, but you must pay attention.

MTB: impossible to cross the Latemar Labyrinth. You must therefore remain on the road.

Water points are absent: bring a good supply.

when to go
March - November
Suitable for
how to get there
description of the route

After a short stretch on the road, we leave the inhabited area and take the uphill path (about 150 m height difference), passing through a large portion of felled forest (it is sometimes necessary to navigate among trunks). After a semi-flat stretch, we finally reach Prati del Latemar, right under the bell towers: the view is unforgettable, perhaps one of the most beautiful in the entire Alpine arc.

Shortly after another bumpy stretch, we arrive at the Labyrinth, another spot on the stage. The path climbs up among the enormous collapsed boulders. After passing the Labyrinth, we proceed on a carriage road. We go around a meadow characterized by a wooden tower, complete with a cabin on top (a ungulates observatory): an excellent place for a break and enjoy extraordinary views of the western ridges of the Latemar.

We easily cross the forest and finally reach the small village of Obereggen. From the built-up area, after a short stretch on the road, we resume the path: a flat stretch followed by a first climb (about 100 m height difference), then a second, more demanding one (about 300 m height difference), along the ski slope up to Passo di Pampeago (1,990 m).

Looking up, south-eastward, we see the historic Rifugio Torre di Pisa.

What to know

Obereggen is a village of the hamlet of Ega, in the municipality of Nova Ponente.

The Italian name of Obereggen is San Floriano, a name that is never used as 90% of the population is German-speaking: not everyone speaks or understands Italian. In these areas, you have the impression of not being in Italy, except when asking for the invoice ...

What to see

Not far from Obereggen it is possible to visit the renowned Sanctuary of Our Lady of Pietralba, Wallfahrtsort Maria Weißernstein in German.

A farmer, Leonhard Weißensteiner, from whom it takes its name, is to be thanked for its construction. After the discovery of a miraculous statuette of the Virgin Mary that cured the disease that affected him, he fulfilled the request of the Madonna to erect a chapel (it is still possible to visit it, in the apparition's place).

However, soon it became necessary to build a bigger sanctuary to accommodate all the many devoted who came to visit it.

what to eat

Go and try local cheeses in the many masi (farmsteads) scattered around the area, a great way to get to know the culture through local products.

where to sleep

Rifugio Latemar, in Passo Pampeago. Tel. +39 347 991 9582


Baita Passo Feudo, in Passo Pampeago. Tel. +39 347 991 9582


Starting point accessible by car.


Starting point reachable by bus from the city of Bolzano.

Here the LINK to check the timetables.


Departure point NOT reachable by train.

“Certain boulders have maintained their precarious balance for millennia”

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