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A medium-length stage with a good but gradual climb; the ridge offers a magnificent view of the eastern slope of Montalbo and the sea of the Barchidda-Bidderosa Natural Park.

Special Notes

Stage to be avoided in the mid-summer months (the initial climb offers little shade and is therefore best tackled in the early hours of the morning).

On the ridge section there are no tracks on the ground and no signposts (markers or cairns): You must therefore follow the GPS track.

when to go
March - November
Suitable for
how to get there
description of the route

We leave Irgoli and continue on a slightly ascending asphalt road; after a few kilometres we turn left onto the dirt road and begin the long climb (about 650 m height difference) over wide switchbacks amidst the Mediterranean scrub: the landscape behind us with the peaks of Supramonte is very beautiful.

After a few kilometres, we leave the dirt road and, passing trough a wire gate by means of a ladder, we take a small path to the right that becomes more and more inconspicuous (it is good to keep an eye on the GPS track) and thus tackle the final climb to the ridge above.

At the top, we enjoy the view of the eastern slope of Montalbo (which they call the little Mont Blanc because of its clear colour) and the Golfo di Orosei. With this sight in front of us, we continue uphill and downhill without leaving a trace on the ground (however, we go on easily, the direction is intuitive and only low ferns grow on the ridge). Then we reach a road and, after a slight loss of altitude (about 200 m drop), we reach the asphalt road, still on a false flat, which leads us to the Norghio rest area.

What to know

Scattered all over the island, with the exception of Gallura, are the domus de janas, Italian for “house of the fairies” or “house of the witches”; the name was given, as in the case of the Tombs of the Giants, with the advent of Christianity.

These are buildings from the pre-Nuragic period (San Ciriaco culture or Ozieri culture): they are rooms carved into the rock where the dead were buried. There are different types (oven, chamber, well), and some were furnished as living quarters for the living. Domus de janas are often grouped in underground necropolises connected by an access corridor (dromos).

What to see

Not far from Norghio is the Tomba di Giganti S'Ena Tunda, a funerary structure from the Nuragic period in which the funerary corridor, the apse and the exedra that gives the tombs of the giants their classic bull-head shape are still visible.

The tombs bear this name because they were believed to house giant beings - in reality they were collective tombs where the bodies were buried.

what to eat

Filindeu is the oldest pasta in the world, drawn like Chinese noodles.

After being pulled, the very thin strands are laid on top of each other and crossed to form a net, which is dried and then eaten in sheets, usually with sheep broth.

Some believe the name comes from the mispronunciation “children of God”, as this dish was served to pilgrims on their way to the country shrine of San Francesco di Lula. Today there are only a few women who still pass on this ancient tradition.

where to sleep

Ristoro Norghio, in Norghio. Tel. +39348 937 9808

How to Reach

The starting point is accessible by car.

The starting point can be reached by bus, starting from the city of Nuoro.

Here is the  LINK to check the timetable.

The starting point is NOT accessible by train

“We climb slowly - one step at the time"

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