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Rifugio Monte Maggio > Bagnara

Altitude gain*
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Il simbolo + indica il dislivello positivo (cioè in salita) complessivo della tappa; il simbolo - quello negativo (cioè in discesa).

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A long but smooth stage without particular difficulties, with a mainly negative elevation gain. The landscape is always pleasant and sweet, harmonious.

We finish the stage in Bagnara, a small hamlet of Nocera Umbra hit hard by the violent earthquake of 1997, of which it still bears the scars.

Special Notes

The signage is often lacking and the tracks on the ground (albeit easy) are not always recognizable: better keep an eye on the GPS track.

No water points up to Le Saliere, towards the end of the stage.

when to go
March - November
Suitable for
how to get there
description of the route

We go down to Valsorda on the comfortable cart track. We continue uphill (300 m height difference), towards the Hermitage of Serrasanta (1,348 m), from which we can admire suggestive views: to the west, the Fabriano valley and the Adriatic Sea in the distance. We continue along large lawns bypassing the summit dome of Monte Serrasanta (1,423 m), then we lose altitude towards Pian delle Vescole and proceed quickly in ups and downs on the wide ridge, alternating with the usual woodland patches.

We cut the eastern side of Poggio dell'Airone and Monte Maiore halfway up the hill, enter a wide open road, and cross a large grassy plateau (Pian di Faeto). We quickly descend to the pass of Fossa del Lupo and we face the decisive climb (200 m height difference) to Pormaiore (nice view on the Subasio). We go down again to Passo del Termine (865 m). A last small climb in the woods leads us to go up towards Monte Burella (100 m height difference). We reach an asphalted road, taking it to the left, soon arriving at a crossroads in the locality of Le Saliere (the most tired ones can take advantage of the Pian delle Stelle campsite to break the stage).

We stay on the road to the left (we keep the left at the next crossroads) and walk for a long time on the small road, which opens up and gently crosses a large plateau. The asphalt gives way to gravel and the cart track is losing altitude with wide hairpin bends in the woods. We head towards the Pass Carosina (855 m), where an easy path takes us easily to the valley floor, that we travel eastwards to the nearby village of Bagnara, severely hit by the 1997 earthquake.

What to know

The Universities have existed since the 14th century and are institutions similar to the Venetian regole: they are collective properties, an associative form whose aim is to protect, in a community way (from universitas, a term that indicated the totality of the people), the local environmental heritage, also equally enjoying of the resources.

The Agricultural University of Bagnara is an association run by some families in order to graze animals and cut the woods. Those who come to live in Bagnara become part of it after 5 years.

What to see
what to eat

The biscio is a typical delicacy of Nocera Umbra, with ancient Lombard origins.

It is a savory pie made of a very thin egg puff pastry, stuffed with leafy vegetables (such as chard or wild thistles, which abound in the mountains), sautéed and stirred with local ricotta. Finally, everything is rolled up and placed in a pan, where it takes the shape of a little snake (hence the name).

where to sleep

Campeggio Pian delle Stelle, in Le Saliere. Tel. +39 0742 818241 - +39 0742 81546


Villaggio della Sostenibilità, in Bagnara. Tel. +39 0742 813773

How to Reach

Starting point of the stage reachable by car (you arrive in Valsorda, under the Rifugio Monte Maggio, a 5-minute walk from the mountain lodge).


Departure point NOT reachable by bus.

The nearest town reachable by bus is Gualdo Tadino, leaving from the city of Perugia with a change in Gubbio.

Here the LINK to check the timetables.


Starting point NOT reachable by train.

“We are now a group: dinner all together in the 1997 earthquake houses, in the Villaggio della Sostenibilità. Among the dense and blinding fog, we descend among the gentle hills towards Bagnara”

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