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Here ends the Sentiero Italia, the longest high trail in the world. Across the sea.

This stage is dedicated to all of us who love to walk, discover and share.

“May the road be long, fertile of adventures and experiences”.

The last Sardinian stage is short and mostly flat, mostly on asphalt roads. It gets steeper in the last stretch with the entrance to the Capo Testa area and then ends with the jubilation of the Valle della Luna - truly sensational!

Special Notes

Stage to be avoided in the central summer months.

Shortly after the church of Buoncammino, walk about 1 km on a fairly busy road where care is needed.

No water points, take a good supply with you.

when to go
Marzo - Novembre
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how to get there
description of the route

After leaving the village of Saltara behind us, we continue for a short distance on a flat asphalt road, then turn right into a small road and go uphill for a short distance. We pass a gate and immediately turn right onto an old dirt road, which is very scenic (Monte Rossu rises above the sea to the west) and descends slowly (about 100 m drop). We then return to the asphalt road and reach the church of Buoncammino almost straight ahead.

We continue on asphalt until we meet (on the right) the busy provincial road. At a roundabout, we turn left onto a dirt road and follow it slightly up and down until we overlook the sea and the beautiful Capo Testa peninsula. Passing some tourist settlements, we reach the road that runs along the isthmus of Capo Testa. After passing it, we turn right onto a dirt road (there are no signs, we have to pay attention to the GPS track) and head towards Valle della Luna. After about 1 km we come to a path and, taking care not to get lost among the many paths, we reach the enchanting Valle della Luna, with its unique granite shapes and its somewhat hippy inhabitants. In this magical place, the crossing of Italy along its Terre Alte ends: by the sea, one of the most beautiful in the world.

What to know

There were several attempts by the French to invade Sardinia. The most famous is certainly that of 1793, when the young republic tried to attack the city of Cagliari and the Island of La Maddalena.

Led by Rear Admiral Laurent Truguet, the French were defeated on both fronts. The French landed in Cagliari’s Sant’Elia district on 11 February and found the Sardinians ready to repel them - thanks in part to bad weather that slowed the landing.

The attack on La Maddalena, on the other hand, failed also thanks to the sabotage of the Corsican troops, who were always proud of their independence. After these defeats, the Bonapartists were also driven out of Corsica and Napoleon risked being assassinated by his compatriots.

What to see

Not far from the first and last stage of the Sentiero Italia, in the isthmus of Capo Testa, lies the Valle della Luna, a beautiful valley that opens up between huge granite boulders, Mediterranean vegetation and crystal-clear waters.

A hippie community has settled here for decades, living freely amidst nature, in impressive caves or in the forest. The extraordinary and almost surreal beauty of the place is enhanced by art installations and the presence of original personalities willing to share a moment of peace and perhaps tell their own story.

The beautiful granite stones, shaped by the wind on full moon nights, shine with a unique light that is celebrated in the summer months with large festivals with music and bonfires. Perhaps that is why the valley has been given such a meaningful name.

what to eat

In Santa Teresa di Gallura there is the feast of the Panadas: these are pasta filled with lamb, potatoes and dried tomatoes.

where to sleep

Meta Hotel Srl, in Santa Teresa di Gallura. Tel. +390789 741109

Da Adriana Guest House, in Santa Teresa di Gallura. Tel. +39334 837 9365

There are numerous accommodation options in Santa Teresa di Gallura.

How to Reach

The starting point is reachable by car.

The starting point is NOT reachable by bus.

The nearest location that can be reached by bus is Bassacutena, starting from the city of Olbia. 

Here is the LINK to check the timetables.

The starting point is NOT reachable by train.

“And if you find it poor, Ithaca will not have disappointed you. Made wise now, with all your experience upon you you will already have understood what Ithaca means - K. Kavafis”

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