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Teglio > Rifugio Cederna-Maffina

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Quite a long and demanding stage for the differences in altitude, marked by the two important climbs to Prati Valentino first and then to the mountain lodge: without technical difficulties. 

The ascent to Val Fontana, with its large meadows, is very beautiful.

Special Notes

The first section of the stage (from Teglio to Prato Valentina) is a variation of the Sentiero Italia (which passes through Monte Cancano), chosen in order to visit the little village of Teglio.

when to go
May - October
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description of the route

We begin immediately uphill (approximately 650 m height difference), alternating path, and road. In Pragianello we take Sentiero del Sole (a comfortable carriage road) and head towards Verdomana. Shortly before reaching it, we continue on a cross path on Sentiero del Sole, towards Baite Varogna. We slowly lose altitude: just above Dalico, the carriage road becomes a path and turns northwards to enter Val Fontana. After a long and slow descent into the woods (about 200 m drop), we reach Rifugio  Sant'Antonio. 

We proceed on a flat road, soon reaching Rifugio Financiere Erler. We pass the wide Piana dei Cavalli and continue on the sloping ground along the valley floor.

Once at Alpe Campascio, we begin the long climb (approximately 900 m height difference) that goes up Valle Forame. The path is well maintained, but steep and with some interruptions. Finally, we reach the beautiful Rifugio Cederna-Maffina (2,583 m), now an open bivouac, located in the center of the glacial circle that delimits Pizzo Scalino.

What to know

In Val Fontana, the sunniest and most fertile part of the land belongs to the municipality of Ponte in Valtellina. It was taken away from the municipality of Grosio, even though it would belong to it, given the structure of the territory. 

The Capanna Cederna-Maffina was built in 1903 by the CAI, thanks to a donation from Antonio Cederna, mountaineer, and Garibaldian. He moved to Milan, where he opened a cotton mill and became a textile industrialist, he was the father of Giulio Cederna, one of the founding members of AC Milan.

What to see

In Chiuro, the town at the bottom of the valley, it is possible to see the mighty Tower of Roncesvalles, an enviable observation point over the Valtellina. The curious name probably derives (in the version of Cesare Segre) from "roscida valle", humid valley.

what to eat
where to sleep

Rifugio Erler, in Val Fontana. Tel. +39 0342 482570

Rifugio Cederna-Maffina, in the upper Valle Forame: very well kept, 8 beds and attic with additional mattresses, stove, gas stove, sink with running water. Always Open


Starting point reachable by car.

Starting point reachable by bus from the city of Sondrio.

Here the LINK to check the timetables.

Starting point NOT reachable by train.

“After going up endless meadows studded with simple leaved milfoil, we stop at the beautiful hut, resting our bodies before attacking the summit”

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