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Short and very easy resting stage, marked by the village of San Michele del Carso and by the crossing of the green Isonzo river.

The park is dedicated to the great poet Giuseppe Ungaretti and it is a valuable opportunity to freeze time around you.

Special Notes

Even though the path is quite intuitive, signs are sometimes insufficient and there is a risk of taking the wrong direction. Better to keep an eye on the GPS.

Risk of ticks.

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description of the route

We enter the woods to get quickly to the small village of Marcottini. Continuing on level ground, we reach the historic center of San Martino del Carso, which was destroyed by the war and made famous by the homonymous poem by Giuseppe Ungaretti. Continuing towards Sagrado, we meet several panoramic viewpoints overlooking the Julian Alps. After a stretch of paved road, we arrive near Ungaretti Park: a place of great charm that deserves a stop and a moment of reflection. 

For the fit ones, a detour of about 5 km allows you to visit the peaks of San Michele del Carso, with their complex of galleries and permanent batteries of the Great War.

A long descent (which leads to the impressive ex Postir quarry) leads us to Sagrado, from there we cross the Isonzo river, leaving the Venezia Giulia for the Friuli area. Shortly after we reach Gradisca d'Isonzo.

What to know

Gradisca was an important Venetian stronghold: its position, close to the Isonzo river, made it a perfect defensive barrier especially against the Ottoman advance. Given the importance of the town, in 1500 Leonardo Da Vinci was asked to create its defensive system.

Over the years, there have been several governments including the Austrian and the Napoleonic ones. However, the walls of the Serenissima Republic have endured and are still the main attraction of the village.

What to see

The Ungaretti Park in Sagrado is a "literary park" dedicated to the great poet, who fought here and composed many of the poems published in Il Porto Sepolto. A place for the mind.

The Fortress of Gradisca, together with the walls, is the symbol of the ancient Venetian dominion, which used it to stem the raids of the Turkish pirates. 

Inside the fortress, there is the Museo Documentario, which tells the story of the municipality.

For more info, timetables and tickets, follow the LINK.

what to eat

Just outside the Porta Nuova, a stop at the picturesque Mulin Vecio is a must. A rowdy tavern with a characteristic ceiling covered with old copper pots: the ideal place to make local acquaintances and enjoy a tajùt. That is a glass of wine served with a few slices of ham, together with a splinter of montasio (local cheese) and toasted bread.

where to sleep

B&B Eggenberg, in Gradisca. Tel. +39 346 395 1465 - + 39 0481 99899

B&B La Fortezza, in Gradisca. Tel. +39 338 6227497

B&B Centro Storico, in Gradisca. Tel. +39 392 895 3841

B&B Casa Josef, in Gradisca. Tel. +39 388 572 9449 - +39 346 012 9697

In Gradisca there are several accommodation facilities.

How to Reach

Starting point reachable by car.

Departure point NOT reachable by train.

The nearest location reachable by bus is Doberdò, starting from the city of Gorizia.

Here the LINK to check the timetables.

Departure point NOT reachable by train.

“With Ungaretti words in our head, we cross the splendid Isonzo river that with its evocative power introduces us to the village of Gradisca”

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