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Perda 'e Liana > Rifugio Funtana Terra Ona

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A short but intense stage enriched by the beautiful Gorges de Pirincanes, where a refreshing swim is a must.

Special Notes

A stage to avoid in the middle summer months.

The path on the terrain within the Pirincanes gorge is not always clear, you must rely on your intuition and monitor the GPS track.

The only water point just before arrival, take a good supply with you.

when to go
March - November
Suitable for
how to get there
description of the route

We leave the car park of Perda 'e Liana and begin the long descent (about 1,050 m drop), first on the asphalt road, which is very steep. After a stretch on the slope, we leave the road and take a good path through the forest that leads us to the bottom of the valley, where we feed (on sight) the river Flumendosa near a monumental oak.

We follow the road to the right and, after about 1 km, take the path to the left, which, with a slight climb, leads us down to the valley of the Rio Pirincanes. We follow the course of the Rio Pirincanes to reach the waterfalls, where we find beautiful pools enclosed between the rock walls, perfect for a refreshing swim.

We return to the starting point of the diversions, staying on asphalt and tackling the slow climb (about 300 m height difference); after a few hairpin bends, the road becomes dirt and we reach the farmhouse.

What to know

A legendary historical figure from Sardinia is Eleonora d’Arborea (1347-1403), judge of the Giudicato (mediaeval system of government characteristic of the island) d’Arborea, which more or less comprised the present province of Oristano and was the last to fall under Aragonese rule.

The Arborea were allied with the Genoese House of Doria, also thanks to the marriage of Eleonora d'Arborea to the young descendant Brancaleone Doria. Eleonora proved to be a skilful politician: she continued her father's experience by defending the borders and seeking the consent of the people. She is known for the Carta de Logu: a juridical treatise combining ancient and contemporary traditions in a synthesis that has astonished historians with its juridical wisdom. The most innovative elements of the charter were the liberation of the serfs and the regional character of the warriors, in a vision that saw the Sardinian territory as free from foreign domination and capable of self-government. The end of the era of the Giudicati and the life of the legendary Sardinian judge was the plague, which effectively handed Sardinia over to the Aragonese.

What to see

The Pirincanes waterfalls, located in the gorge of the same name, are spectacular.

The place, with its fairytale landscape, is characterised by the pink colour of the granite rock carved by the Rio 'e Forru and the presence of several basins.

what to eat

The regional symbol is Ichnusa, the famous beer with the flag of the four Moors. Although it is now owned by the Dutch company Heineken, it remains in the heart of all Sardinians. The name is the ancient name of Sardinia (the Greeks called the island ichnos because of its resemblance to a footprint).

It was born in Cagliari in 1911 thanks to the intuition of Amsicora Capra: at a time when the vineyards were infested with phylloxera, beer production seemed to him a good investment. The company remained confined to Sardinia until the Second World War, before landing on the continent after the war. Despite the takeover by the Dutch group, Inchusa beer is still Made in Sardinia and brewed in the factory in Assemini.

where to sleep

Agriturismo Terra Ona, in Funtana Terra Ona. Tel. +39340 ​264 7217

How to Reach

The starting point is reachable by car.

The starting point is NOT reachable by bus.

The nearest location that can be reached by bus is Villagrande Stazione, starting from the city of Nuoro.

Here is the LINK to check the timetables.

The starting point is NOT reachable by train.

“In the scorching air, the ice-cold water of the Pirincanes Gorge is like balm on our skin”

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