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Porto Ceresio > Marchirolo

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A relatively short stage, of medium height difference, but easy and smooth. Without major attractions, if not some interesting glimpses of Lake Lugano.

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description of the route

We take the road to Le Cantine, on the western side of the bay of Porto Ceresio. From there, we take the path to climb (approximately 150 m height difference), towards Borgnana. The first part is slightly steep and some sections of the path are a bit rough (many dry leaves, some fallen trees).

Once past the villages of Borgnana and Cuasso al Monte, we continue to climb (about 400 m height difference) along Sentiero Confinale. Once at the Alpe della Croce, we go to the Bocchetta dei Frati. On a smooth cross path, we reach the Sasso di Bol, from where we easily descend to Marzio, a small but thriving village. We continue on a wide path along the hillside towards Alpe Sommo, and we take the Sentiero Cadorna. Finally, we take the path that descends quickly to Marchirolo.

What to know

The survivors of the heroic partisan group Gruppo Militare Cinque Giornate of Vallalta-Varese passed through this area, fleeing to Switzerland. The group was decimated in the Battle of Monte San Martino by the Nazi-fascist forces in November 1943. 

At the head of the partisans was the army colonel Carlo Croce who, after 8 September, had decided to oppose the German occupation. After returning to Italy to continue the fight, he was captured by enemies and killed.

What to see

The plaster cast gallery Pellini Bozzolo collects the plaster casts of marble and bronze statues made by Eugenio Pellini (exponent of the Milanese Scapigliatura), by his son Eros Pellini (expert in lost wax casting), and by the sculptor Adriano Bozzolo. For more info, timetables and tickets, follow the LINK.

The sculptural tradition of plasterers and picapietre (stonecutters) is present throughout the territory.

what to eat

In the nearby Val Ganna there are the factories of Birra Poretti, founded by Angelo Poretti, a native of Vedano Olona. 

After traveling to Bohemia, Bavaria, and Austria, where he met numerous master brewers, he began brewing his beer in 1878. The factory is located near a source of pure water, called Fontana degli Ammalati, still used today for the production of beer.

where to sleep

Hotel Pegaso, in Marchirolo. Tel. +39 0332 997140 

International Camping, in Lavena Ponte Tresa (about 4 kilometers from Marchirolo). Tel.+39 0332 550117

How to Reach

Starting point reachable by car.

Starting point reachable by bus from the city of Varese.

Here the LINK to check the timetables.

Starting point reachable by train from the city of Varese.

Here the LINK to check the timetables.

“We discover that the small village of Marzio boasts an increasing population, thanks to trade with neighboring Switzerland”

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