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Stage of medium length and insignificant height difference. It has mostly gentle ups and downs in the woods along the Italian-Slovenian border, following the karst landscape.

There are no villages until Malchina.

Special Notes

Signs are sometimes insufficient and it is easy to get lost: near the crossroads, it is good to keep an eye on the GPS.

Risk of ticks.

The only water point available is by the towns of Medeazza and Jamiano.

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description of the route

Moving along the border we enter the dense forest by Monte Lanaro. The landscape is typically karstic with numerous sinkholes: you need to pay attention to your steps. We walk for a long time in the forest, with slight ups and downs.

A little over a kilometer from the arrival, we pass near the Pozzo del Rimbombo (Echo Well), a large cave enlarged and used during World War I. Afterward, we walk from the woods to a cultivated landscape, finally arriving in Malchina.

What to know

Malchina is an area with a strong agricultural tradition. The small village is surrounded by cultivated countryside. Wine production is certainly growing, thanks to the Terrano, Vitovska, and Malvasia vines. They are characterized by a strong flavor, offspring of the poor, and limestone soil, beaten by the wind and sea salt.

In addition to the agricultural production, we find small livestock - the many types of delicious cured meats that can be tasted in the osmize, are proof of this.

What to see

Sometimes under the shade of generous ivy plants, we discover small "temporary" paradises: the osmize, typical taverns open for a couple of months a year. Here local producers can sell to the public their wines and typical products (eggs, hams, and cheeses) - 

following a concession made by Charlemagne and then taken up by the Habsburgs.

In particular, if you are lucky enough to pass by at the right time go to the excellent Osmica Fabec, by Fraz and Tomasz.

what to eat

In the osmize the roasted pig shoulder, served with grated horseradish (kren) or the ham in a bread crust is excellent. 

where to sleep

Agriturismo Allegra Fattoria, in Malchina. Tel. +39 040 299 939 

Agriturismo La Mezzaluna, in Malchina. Tel. + 39 040 291 529

How to Reach

Starting point reachable by car.

Starting point reachable by bus, leaving from the city of Trieste.

Here the LINK to check the timetables.

Departure point NOT reachable by train.

“The "Slovenian issue" is the story of an identity that survived the attempt of assimilation”

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