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The stage is as tiring as it needs to be, but despite the long asphalt sections, it is interesting: we cross an oasis of peace, pass the village of Lagonegro and finally, after a stretch on a cycle path, arrive at Lake Sirino with its beautiful springs.

Special Notes

In the first part of the climb, the path itself is not very clean (be careful not to lose your way, watch the waymarkers and the GPS track) and there are some strenuous sections, steeply uphill, sometimes even on rocks.

Immediately after leaving the old part of Lagonegro, you will cross some sections overgrown with brambles, be careful.

when to go
Marzo - Ottobre
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description of the route

Leaving the alleys and stairs of Rivello, we have a first stretch on asphalt with a slight incline ahead of us; then we take the path through the woods and initially face an uphill climb (about 200 m height difference), taking care to follow the red and white signs scattered among the trees and stones along the track (in the first part the path is not very clean and some passages go quickly uphill, also over rocks); we continue for a long time with slight ups and downs in the woods.

We reach a beautiful oasis with a small church and a well-kept vegetable garden, an enchanting place that deserves a break; then we take a wide dirt road that first descends and then, after crossing a stream, climbs slightly towards Lagonegro.

We arrive near the old abandoned station, which is very charming, and continue uphill (about 150 m height difference), first steeply on asphalt and then up steps towards the old part of the village. We continue (overcoming some sections overgrown with brambles) and get onto the cycle path, which is smooth and good for letting the mind run; until we reach another abandoned station (strangely with the Rivello sign!). Finally, we go downhill on a paved road and cross the beautiful springs of Lake Sirino, a true place of peace. A few metres further and you are on the shore of the lake, where there are bars and restaurants - a beer is a must, even better with a cod sandwich.

What to know

Lake Sirino in the municipality of Nemoli is a natural lake formed in a karst depression. It is located on the slopes of Mount Sirino and is a small spot of peace and tranquillity.

Legend has it that the lake was created by a “divine tear” from the Madonna of Sirino, who was angry to see a farmer working on her feast day.

In summer, the Wood Sound Festival takes place on the shores of the lake. A festival between music and art in an atmospheric place close to nature.

What to see

On the summit of Monte Sirino (on the next stage) is the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Sirino: a small 17th century temple built of stone and a pilgrimage destination for the inhabitants of Lagonegro.

Since time immemorial, on the third Sunday in June, the statue of the Madonna is taken from Lagonegro to the sanctuary, where it remains until the third Sunday in September, when it is brought back to the village. The pilgrimage is a real celebration and the ascent ends with a week's camping on the mountain, where vigils and religious chants alternate with feasts and banquets. From the sanctuary there is a magnificent view of the valley below and the peaks of the Pollino National Park, which is now very close by.

what to eat

The symbol of Lucanian cuisine is undoubtedly the peperone crusco: it can be found crumbled on any dish - excellent with stockfish.

It is a special kind of pepper called “goat horn” (sometimes a similar variety called “bull horn” is more commonly used). The pepper is dried in long chains that are hung on the terraces and turn the villages bright red, then quickly fried and served whole or crumbled.

where to sleep

B&B Al boschetto, Lago Sirino, Tel. +39 339 678 1356

How to Reach

The starting point is accessible by car.

The starting point can be reached by bus, which leaves from the town of Sapri, changing at Maratea.

Here is the LINK to check the timetable.

The starting point is NOT reachable by train.

“After so many steps in the sun, we enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the lake and above all...a paninozzo with stockfish and peperone crusco”.

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